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Article Wonen360 Pure & Original partners with London architect for Colour Collection

Pure & Original Colour Collection Upside Down on Wonen360Pure & Original is a Dutch company with a wide range of different paints in the high segment. The most famous paints are the Fresco100% minerale kalkverf met kleurnuances lime paint and chalk paint ClassicoFluweelzachte krijtverf. Colors most associated with the brand are often soft shades of gray, beige and white, which have been developed to perfection over the years.

Iris Floor, the second generation of the Floor family within Pure & Original, has collaborated for the third time for this collection with color designer Dagny Thurmann-Moe of KOI Color Studio in Oslo, Norway. For the 2020 collection, Floor has also decided to work with Siri Zanelli of London's architectural firm Collective Works.

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