Pure & Original in de pers - Pure & Original

Article ROMANTISCH WOHNEN 2019 ed3


Alie loves the style of '30s houses and the atmosphere that goes with them. That's why she was very happy when she and her husband found a nostalgic house from 1928. Alie: "When we saw it for the first time, we thought spontaneously: seek and found ".
Dining room in dark brown tints
Living room and dining room with nostalgic accents
Old stairs and cabinet with accessoires
Dining room with Pure & Original paint in the colour Potato Skin
Nostalgic country house with brown and white tints
Warm paint colours for a cosy interior
Grey, brown, linnen and wood, natural tints and materials
Kitchen in brown and grey shades. Paint, wood and stone
A family kitchen to live and dine in
Bathroom and hallway in natural tones
Bedroom in brown, white and soft blue shades