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Article LANDELIJK WONEN 2019 ed2 How to add colour to your interior


Spring brings a number of new trend colours. This year we are going to see more and more deep green and coral red in our interior. Colours that form a surprising combination together. Pure & Original is therefore happy to introduce a selection of colours to you.

With the deep green tint Black Hills you choose a deep colour with a good dose of power. The colour reminds us of the forests in the high north of Scandinavia and ensures peace in the house. Flamingo is the opposite of Black Hills. It is a cheerful, fresh colour that makes us dream away to a tropical beach on an azure blue sea. Yet these complementary colours are wonderful too to combine. The tranquillity that Black Hills brings with it can be pierced by the powerful and unexpected touch of Flamingo. Would you like to bring in spring? Then it’s best to choose a more soft variant of these colours. They are very beautiful in combination with, for example, fresh white.

There are endless shades of green. Some tend to be blue while others tend to have a shade of brown or grey. Sea Moss, for example, is an earthy green hue that feels both rough and soft. Fresh Olive, on the other hand, is a colour that you expect more in Southern Europe, but you also see this fresh, powerful and spicy hue more and more in our Western interiors. Opt more for one greyer variant? Then Green Room is your choice. The colour contains blue nuances which makes it feel a little cooler.

The shades of green are no longer a daring choice in our living spaces. Pink and orange is still a threshold, but they are on the rise. Courtly Rose, for example, is a cool red-pink hue that blends nicely with, for example, dark brown for a warm appearance. Are you looking for a striking colour that immediately catches the eye? Then Think Red is for you. A subtle red with a soft appearance that really comes into its own in a rural interior. In addition, Pure & Original would use the Skin Powder, a cool pink with a grey touch, as the base colour. You can combine this with warm tones, but also with green and grey.