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Article HOMIFY 1930s home with colour

Unique paint collection

“If you really want to see a nice paint collection with which you can give your home a great look, then you have to pay close attention today and be surprised by the unique shades that the professionals of Pure & Original have designed for you.

Pure & Original is an innovative creative force that always succeeds in creating a wonderful atmosphere in people's homes through their appealing colours.

In this article, we show you a very special collection of Pure & Original: The Neomodernist. The inspiration for these colours lies in the thirties. Warm colours, combined with cool tones. Orange, yellow, purple, blue and black. Soft tones in a powdery finish, combined with high-gloss black on the frames and doors, also create a unique effect. What do the designers say about it?

'The colours from the modern era are gaining recognition as a source of inspiration. With this collection, we wanted to put these colours on the map again, and show how this carefully developed collection can be applied to create a refined and personal atmosphere.

So take a quick look and be surprised!”

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